New project: Tornado

New project: Tornado

Fed-up with the lack of decent self-hosted projects that can act as concept and idea boards, I have decided it is time to have a go at this myself. I have literally spent weeks installing different solutions with Docker (including and everything has been buggy / incomplete / lacking basic copy - paste features / inefficient but most important, infuriating to use.

A lot of the software out there is great for various specific use cases, but nothing can quite do what I want: which is to create concept boards across all my computers in my studio, have them accessible, drag and droppable and put the content first. I also want to be able to drag images around and not just have them appear in a grid.

I have already started with actual framework, and I intend to dog-food react-diagrams even more to handle the actual graphics and media layout. Im also going to be running image optimization for larger images, and have them be lazy loaded while editing to keep the site super snappy. When I'm done, ill release this as open-source and provide the system as a docker container with different database drivers.

Here are the designs I have so far:

(btw the art in here is from @indigobeatss, go and follow her, she is super talented)

I will also be uploading progress as I go, with links to the repos (which I will post under @projectstorm)