Tornado 0.1 MVP

Tornado 0.1 MVP
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After a few weeks of development and scaffolding, the first version of Tornado (0.1) is now available.

This initial version contains

  • support for an admin user, with UI for additional users coming in the future.
  • creating, deleting and updating concept boards
  • pasting images into concept boards from your clipboard
  • automatic image resizing on the server (scaling down the images for when there are many images on a board and you are zoomed out).

I used some new node technologies as its been a while since I had to build a complete system from scratch (at the company I work for, we do an incredible amount of dog-fooding and have backing systems for almost anything). After some quick research I picked Prisma as the backing ORM, with almost everything else being the standard libraries you would express (express, Webpack, emotion, react router etc..).

Docker releases are automated on my side, with tagged versions automatically building and pushing new images to docker-hub. As expected, latest tag will give you the stable bleeding edge, with semver tags also available.

If you are interested in hosting this yourself, check out the section on docker.

Up next on my list of things to smash out:

  • toggle to light theme (everything is already built on-top of emotion theming)
  • dialogs so that I can show rename and confirm dialogs (there is already a layer manager integrated)

After that I might work on some of the admin stuff / allow some boards to be made public (sharing)