STORM React Diagrams V3.1

Introducing 3.1.0! STORM react diagrams now zooms the canvas relative to where your mouse location is, and not just from the top left corner.

In addition to this really killer feature that was almost entirely implemented by Andrey Taktaev (I just fixed a few things here and there),I also fixed a bug that could result in links appearing to get detached in the event where you could select a port through box selection, but not the node itself. This is quite a fundamental change to the library even though the feature seems small, as we had to basically reverse the matrix calculations across the board. Instead of scaling the canvas and then translating it, we now translate first and then scale. This meant that in a number of places where we get the normalized relative location, we have to do the reverse there as well. Theres also minor fixes with some mutators and I also changed the gutter length to be more than a 100 chars which helps with the code linting.

Seriously, its moments like this that make me love open source. Thanks again to Andrey Taktaev, its a really awesome feature and I’m sure we are all going to make use of it from now on.